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The Capital Reset article that shows how the smart look on today’s society brings successful initiatives on niches that were once inexistent. 

Those girls, Carolyn Childers e Lindsay Kaplan, have decided to open Chief, a coaching and networking where they are the boss! It all started in New York with around 100 women and three years later it has become a powerful social network approaching exclusively female C-level executives that has just raised 100 million dollars in investment. Its valuation is 1.1 billion dollars. 

We all are aware of gender gap issues and startups that address those issues have been more and more searched by corporations in the Brazilian market, for instance. 

The World Economic Forum Report issued in March, 2022, brings important data. There are still significant disparities across and within various geographies. Western Europe remains the region that has progressed the most towards gender parity (77.6%) and is further progressing this year. North America is the second-most advanced (76.4%), also improving this year, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (71.2%) and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (71.1%). Iceland remains the most gender-equal country in the world for the 12th time. 

While there has been improvement, there is still a lot to change. HR startups and scale ups have been popping up with innovative solutions that are desperately needed by many countries. 

Chief does not fit in the pattern of the so-called femtechs. According to its social network, the goal is to “connect female executives and keep them on the top of the organogram” by sharing a powerful network of 12 thousand executives and other 60 thousand on the waiting list.

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