Bridge Brazil

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We are the team that helps your
business soft land on Brazilian soil

cable-stayed bridge in Sao Paulo

From our headquarters in São Paulo, we are prepared to make your localization plans a smooth process Plan, execute and review your quarter. At Bridge Brazil, we apply the most trusted frameworks in the market to build quarterly plans.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals at your disposal

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Strategies and operations to help you generate and nurture your leads, as well as develop your digital presence with the right tone of voice


Together with StartupWin, we have a group of seasoned experts to help your opportunities turn into sales and revenue

Legal Matters

We review all legal matters, such as tax, sector regulation, the ideal moment of the legal entity constitution and opening a bank account

Human Resources

Advice on team size, support in recruiting, training and seizing an excellent performance lean structure

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Deployment and operation planning

Working model, hiring schedule, operations monitoring, OKRs

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